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K.L. Turner Enterprises, Inc. would like to thank you for viewing our website, hopefully you have seen something that will encourage you to do business with us. We pride ourselves in providing quality services in an ethical and honest manner, using the Golden Rule as our basic rule in the way we conduct business.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions of what we can do to better your business and your life.

Remember, K.L. Turner Enterprises, Inc. Is “Your Connection”.

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  • "Kirby conducts [KLTEI] with honesty and in a fair manner. He keeps me briefed on the things that I need to keep my business (Natural Hair Cultivator) growing. His service is a need not a want."

    -Jacqueline Boone

  • "I have required Notary Services from KLTEI, they were very professional and thorough ensuring that I was informed of what I was signing."

    -Bradford Trammell

  • "The quality of the service was out of this world. Erika is very knowledgeable in the field of secretarial work and she is a true professional."

    -Austra Galloway

  • "The quality of their Notary Services is unheard of, they have both types of notary stamps, ensuring that my paperwork was professionally done and they also faxed my paper work for me. Complete services."

    -Darry Brown

  • "I was in need of Legal Services; KLTEI put me on the path having the best legal coverage known today."

    -Luther Moore

  • "I have a Computer repair store (The Computer Guy), and after speaking with Kirby he briefed me on needs of legal services. After his briefing on the Legal Services he offers, I feel more secure about the legal protection for my business and family."

    -Clarence Gibbs

  • "Kirby briefed me in 1995 on the Legal Services. I not only became a member I also became an Associate for the Company. Kirby is a true businessman who has great business skills."

    -Willis Walker

  • I needed a rather large word processing job done in a very short period of time. Erika finished the job in ample time ready to present at a convention.

    -James w. Johnson

  • "I'm a Truck Driver (18 wheeler) and I wasn't awareof what I truly needed to protect me while I was on the road, KLTEI showed me one of the services he offer. Now I have peace of mind going down the road."

    -Jesse Andrews Jr.