About Us

K. L. Turner Enterprises, Inc. is a service oriented business founded in April 1992 and is licensed as a Miscellaneous Retailer/Independent Broker; home office based for appointment, record keeping, coordinating contacts, and regular business (Zone approved). The primary mission of K. L. Turner Enterprises, Inc. is to assist the consumer in purchasing the product or service he/she needs and want at the best price his/her money can buy – “Your Connection”.


Product and Service Plan

K. L. Turner Enterprises, Inc. is a sole proprietorship type business licensed as a Miscellaneous Retailer/Independent Broker with a mission to provide assistance to the consumers in selecting the product or service they want and need. Being a Miscellaneous Retailer/Independent Broker will give me the freedom to market services that best suit the consumer’s needs and negotiate with wholesalers, retailers, realtors, lenders, etc. My position will be “Your Connection”. I have the time if you do not – simply ask.


Marketing Plan and Strategy

The vision of owning my own business has become a great... Coming from a spiritual home, I was always taught to love, respect, and care for others as well as myself. This teaching has stayed with me until now. With God as my guide, I fear no defeat—what is for me I will get. Remembering that preparation and opportunity equal success. We assist customers in selecting the best product or service to suit their needs. Using the theory of Comparative Advantage, most working people don’t have the time to truly shop for the best buys and inadvertently end up purchasing a product or service that is not really what they want. K. L. Turner Enterprises, Inc. will ensure that the product or service is what they are looking for and is in the best price range. By having access to information and the time to research, this will allow the customers to continue their normal activities and leave the fact finding, cost comparison, etc. to K. L. Turner Enterprises, Inc. My service will equate in a quality product or service and most of all a saving to the customer in time and money. Explain (for example) Doctor pay and secretary pay/quality time with family.


What We do


Our primary mission is to assist business-minded customers in purchasing the products or services that they need or want at the best possible price.

Some Words About Us


K.L. Turner Enterprises, Inc. (K.L.T.E.I.) is a service oriented home based business. A sole proprietorship licensed as Miscellaneous Retailer, registered with the IRS as an Independent Broker/Marketing Consultant.

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