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Welcome to K. L. Turner Enterprises, Inc. (KLTEI)

Member of Augusta Metro Chamber Of Commerce

My name is Kirby L. Turner, President and CEO of KLTEI, a member of The Augusta Metro Chamber of Commerce. I have an Associate Of Applied Technology in Marketing Management Degree; I also have training and various certificates in Office Management and Business Counseling. Owning my own business has been a dream that I’ve had all my life.

My name is Erika M. Turner and I am the Office Manager for KLTEI. I have been trained and received Diplomas from accredited State Schools in Germany and here in the USA as a Professional Secretary. For over 35 years I have worked in different capacities from Stenographer to Secretary/Office Manager.

K. L. Turner Enterprises, Inc. Is a sole proprietorship service oriented home office based business founded in April 1992. Licensed as a Miscellaneous Retailer/Independent home office based.

To assist the customers in selecting the best product or service to suit their needs. Using the theory of Comparative Advantage, most working people don’t have the time to truly shop for the best buys and inadvertently end up purchasing a product or service that is not really what they want. K. L. Turner Enterprises, Inc. Will ensure that the product or service is what they are looking for and is in the best price range. By having access to information and the time to research, this will allow the customers to continue their normal activities and leave the fact finding, cost comparison, etc. to K. L. Turner Enterprises, Inc. My service will equate in a quality product or service and most of all a saving to the customer in time and money.

The following guidelines are also Policies and Procedures for Conduct: We at K.L. Turner Enterprises, Inc. (KLTEI) believe that its business should be conducted in an ethical, honest and fair manner, using the “Golden Rule” as a basic principle in all business activities.


What We do


Our primary mission is to assist business-minded customers in purchasing the products or services that they need or want at the best possible price. 

Some Words About Us


K.L. Turner Enterprises, Inc. (K.L.T.E.I.) is a service oriented home based business. A sole proprietorship licensed as Miscellaneous Retailer, registered with the IRS as an Independent Broker/Marketing Consultant.

   In The Press


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  • "Kirby conducts [KLTEI] with honest and in a fair manner. He keeps me briefed on the things that I need to keep my business (Natural Hair Cultivator) growing. His service is a need not a want."

    -Jacqueline Boone

  • "I have required Notary Services from KLTEI, they were very professional and thorough ensuring that I was informed of what I was signing."

    -Bradford Trammell

  • "The quality of the service was out of this world. Erika is very knowledgeable in the field of secretarial work and she is a true professional."

    -Austra Galloway

  • "The quality of their Notary Services is unheard of, they have both types of notary stamps, ensuring that my paperwork was professionally done and they also faxed my paper work for me. Complete services."

    -Darry Brown

  • "I was in need of Legal Services; KLTEI put me on the path having the best legal coverage known today."

    -Luther Moore

  • "I have a Computer repair store (The Computer Guy), and after speaking with Kirby he briefed me on needs of legal services. After his briefing on the Legal Services he offers, I feel more secure about the legal protection for my business and family."

    -Clarence Gibbs

  • "Kirby briefed me in 1995 on the Legal Services. I not only became a member I also became an Associate for the Company. Kirby is a true businessman who has great business skills."

    -Willis Walker

  • I needed a rather large word processing job done in a very short period of time. Erika finished the job in ample time ready to present at a convention.

    -James w. Johnson

  • "I'm a Truck Driver (18 wheeler) and I wasn't awareof what I truly needed to protect me while I was on the road, KLTEI showed me one of the services he offer. Now I have peace of mind going down the road."

    -Jesse Andrews Jr.